ElemQ Digital Solutions

ElemQ is a digital services joint venture created by two leaders in technology and supply chain: T2C and Miebach.

ElemQ's digital solutions combine Artificial Intelligence and the latest technology with knowledge of the supply chain and business processes, facilitating decision making, increasing efficiency, and prioritizing that both the initial investment and implementation time are minimal.

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ElemQ combines the specialised supply chain consulting of Miebach with the creation of new Technology 2 Client technologies, putting at the service of its customers a combination of experience in the supply chain that covers thousands of projects and knowledge of the domain of the latest technologies.

  • + 45 years of experience
  • + 550 consultants
  • 24/7 solutions
  • Global presence
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If you want more information about our digital solutions or you want personalised advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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AtomiQ Platform benefits

Our molecules streamline and optimize our clients’ Supply Chain, provide robust and traceable processes, and significantly improve the main indicators:

  • Pre built integration molecules
  • Cloud native (availability and scalability)
  • Security (ISO 27001)
  • User management and governance
  • Single source of truth and transparent acces to data
  • Seamless software and security updates
  • Browser based applications

If you want more information about our digital solutions or you want personalised advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Architecture Atoms
Supply Atoms
Advanced Analytics Atoms
Data Visualization Atoms

ElemQ's Supply Chain solutions are modular, integrated, scalable and flexible.

Our solutions are created from 4 types of core atoms:

Integration, Supply Concepts, Advanced Analytics and Data Visualisation.

  • These atoms are used combined, forming molecules or business solutions tailored to each customer and process.
  • The molecules are complete functionalities from different points in the supply chain that can work independently or integrated with other molecules to offer more complete and scalable solutions.
  • With the combination of the molecules that our customers need, we create a platform called AtomiQ that covers more complex solutions, adapted to your process and business.

A group of molecules is an:

AtomiQ platform
clear molecule

ElemQ Atom modules /

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